About Virtuania:

Virtuania is a country that exists in the virtual space only

State emblem of Virtuania               State flag of Virtuania    

Services Price
Become citizen Free
Present citizenship Free
Present citizenship + gift card 20$
Become honorary citizen 1000$
Present honorary citizenship 1000$

We ship gift certificates only within US.

Order fullfillment time is 2-4 weeks.

Virtuania citizens are called Virtuanians
Virtuania and its capital are located at www.thevirtualcountry.com
Official currency of Virtuania is Viney
Virtuanian citizenship can be granted to any person by existing virtuanian only
Any virtuanian can vote for a president and can be elected
There can be 108 freemen (honorary citizens) in Virtuania. Their names are published at the Virtuania's site main page.

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