Present Citizenship:

Presenting citizenship in the virtual country would be quite an original gift!
Imagine your friend receiving nice email or real certificate with your greetings that says he is a citizen of a virtual country from now on? And he can find himself among other citizens at Virtuania's site.

There are two kinds of citizenship in virtuania:

  • Citizen
  • Freeman (Honorary citizen)


Presenting citizenship

Presenting citizenship is free!
Presentee's name will be registered in Virtuania's Citizen Registry

Citizen will receive congratulation email and optionally a Gift Card with your greetings.

To present citizenship please Click Here


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Presenting honorary citizenship

Presenting honorary citizenship shows much higher respect to the person.

Presentee's name will be published at the Main Page of this site among other 108 honorary citizens, his name will be included in the Registry of Virtuanians.
Presentee will receive congratulation email and amazing Gift Certificate with your greetings!

To present honorary citizenship please go to the Main Page and click on the tablet you wish to reserve for the presentees name.

You can find information about prices and delivery Here.
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